Safety loop to the "prevent  infusion set site rip out" rescue!

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Posted by Melany Hellstern on Jan 26, 2018 1:37:18 PM

Are you tired of having to give doors a wide berth? 

Are you wary of of everyday objects that have their eye on your tubing?

Maybe it's time to try a safety loop!

A safety loop is a great way for you to give added protection to your site to help prevent accidental rip outs of your infusion set.

We've created a video for you tso you can see for yourself how easy it is to use your tubing to create a safety loop to help keep your site firmly in place when objects around you have other plans.


But life happens, so for all those times remember you can just replace your site  only and reuse your existing tubing.This will save you time, insulin and money!

Please remember to check your blood glucose one to three hours after you've done a site change to make sure it is working properly. Never change your site at bedtime because you'll want to be awake to check that your insulin is being delivered. 


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