Posted by Melany Hellstern on Apr 29, 2018 1:42:56 PM




Many of us at use pumps so we’re always looking for ways to share with you on how you can save money.
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Animas pumpers...Are you paying too much for infusion sets?

Posted by on Apr 29, 2018 1:42:18 PM

Animas pumpers, if you are paying more than $175 per box for your infusion sets, you need to watch this...

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Why did I wait so long to go on an insulin pump?

Posted by Kelly Evans, Type 1 '72, Pumper '15 on Apr 28, 2018 12:22:11 PM

Change is good. We know this, even if sometimes we disagree. Without change, we’d still be living in wooden houses, cooking over fires, and relying on our local leech farms for medical advice.

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Diabetes is easier when shared

Posted by Barb Wagstaff, Son T1 '00, pumper '03 on Apr 20, 2018 12:55:51 PM

Everyone here at has a personal connection to diabetes.  We understand the importance of having people who "get it" in your life. It helps to be able to talk to other people who understand what life with diabetes is really like. It can make diabetes feel lighter.  That's why we are partnering with Virtue BajurnyBSW, MSW, RSW to provide you with ongoing support! 

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Diabetes and Anxiety: You're Not Alone

Posted by Emily Dentinger,Type 1 '98, Pumper '08, CGM '15 on Mar 26, 2018 8:34:31 AM

Diabetes is not an easy disease to deal with.  Most Diabetics look calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but on the inside, there can be constant worry about going too high or too low, and all the factors that can negatively affect this.  It isn't hard to figure out how all of this can lead to anxiety.   After all, we are picking up the slack of an internal organ!  We are our pancreas!  That isn't a small feat.  However since we are human as well, we aren't by any means perfect.  Things won't always go the way we want.  Anxiety can feel like it is taking over your life, however there is a way to get back to yourself.  Here are 4 things to remember if your Diabetes is causing you anxiety.

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