Finding Your Balance in the Transition to College and University

Posted by Virtue Bajurny, BSW, MSW, RSW Type 1 1994, Pumper '09 on Aug 27, 2018 9:51:00 AM

There is a dominant narrative that the period from your late teens to early twenties is simply about being carefree, trying new things, and finding your place in the world. This account is not entirely wrong, but it is quite often incomplete. Early adulthood might be filled with new and exciting experiences, but it is also an anxiety provoking time for a lot of people. Figuring out who you are as an individual, while also trying to fit in with your peer groups can be stressful; getting lost in the sudden lack of daily routine found in a lot of college and university timetables can be unsettling; while, uncertainty about your future education and career path can be overwhelming.  

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