Diabetes and Anxiety: You're Not Alone

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Posted by Emily Dentinger,Type 1 '98, Pumper '08, CGM '15 on Mar 26, 2018 8:34:31 AM
Emily Dentinger,Type 1 '98, Pumper '08, CGM '15

MARCH 19 Mental Health Monday.pngDiabetes is not an easy disease to deal with.  Most Diabetics look calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but on the inside, there can be constant worry about going too high or too low, and all the factors that can negatively affect this.  It isn't hard to figure out how all of this can lead to anxiety.   After all, we are picking up the slack of an internal organ!  We are our pancreas!  That isn't a small feat.  However since we are human as well, we aren't by any means perfect.  Things won't always go the way we want.  Anxiety can feel like it is taking over your life, however there is a way to get back to yourself.  Here are 4 things to remember if your Diabetes is causing you anxiety.

1. You are human

This is one of the most important things to remember.  Humans are not perfect, and you are human, therefore you are not perfect.  Your blood sugars will sky rocket, and your blood sugars will plummet, however remember this: it happens to everyone.  You may feel like you are failing at this disease, but you are not alone.  We all struggle at times.  Just remember that you are amazing, stand back up, and keep on kicking Diabetes in the butt.

Take a look around you and count how many people are perfect.  Did you make the list?  Don't feel bad because here's a secret: no one should make that list.  Absolutely no one is perfect.  We are all beautifully flawed and are going to make mistakes.  We are going to have rough patches.  These patches may last a few days, or even a few years, but in the grand scheme of your entire life, they will be short lived and you will be even stronger when you come out on the other side!  Remember, a diamond is just some carbon that handled stress really well.

Joe Solowiejczyk is an influential person in the diabetes community, and he perfectly sums up being human while having diabetes in this video.

2. You are not alone

This is another very important thing to remember.  If you feel like you're suffering from Diabetes Burnout, you can reach out to someone.  It can be anyone...your parent, sibling, significant other, friend, cousin, pet...it doesn't matter who, but don't suffer in silence.  You have a support team all around you, and they want you you succeed.  Never be afraid to ask for help.

There are many different support groups on Facebook.  I am a part of a few and all of them are so supportive and loving to all those who post in search of advice.  If someone posts about a bad low or high where they need to go to the hospital, everyone is always checking in on them a few hours later to make sure they are alright.  This disease may be daunting at times, but remember you are NEVER alone.

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3. A few bad numbers aren't the end of the world

Heck, even a week of bad numbers isn't the end of the world.  Remember, you are human!  Sometimes Diabetes is frustrating.  Sometimes when we finally get everything perfect, something comes along and messes everything up.  However, if you take a few deep breaths and repeat "I am acting as an internal organ, and I am doing a darn good job..." to yourself, it may give you the reassurance you need to cut yourself some slack.

Everyone has bad numbers.  If they didn't fluctuate, then you wouldn't have Type 1 Diabetes!  Being a pancreas is beyond difficult...you have to juggle being human, while being even more.  But remember this: even organs aren't perfect.  I mean, that's how we became diabetic, right?  So cut yourself some slack!  You are doing great.

4. You are more than just a number

Your blood sugar does not define you.  Your blood sugar is a part of you, but it is not all of you.  Blood sugar can be fixed.  Your worth is not attached to your blood sugars.  This is something I struggled with a lot while I was going through Diabetes Burnout.  I've had Diabetes for 20 years at this point, and it's hard to not feel like your sugars define who you are.  I have the Dexcom, so I share my numbers with my boyfriend.  Whenever he sees that I am struggling with a stubborn high or low, he texts me: "You're more than a number.  You got this".

Instead of seeing failure with your blood sugars, see them as an opportunity.  An opportunity to grow and learn as much as you can.  And just think about how amazing it will feel when you finally tame the troublesome number.  They are stepping stones to make informed decisions

Just remember to keep your head up high, and fight through it.  Eventually you WILL emerge victorious and stronger than ever on the other side.  You are a dia-badass, and nothing can take that away from you.

 Click on the link below to find mental health supports in your area. 

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